Delivery & Returns

Delivery and Returns

The user’s purchased goods on the website will be prepared for delivery as soon as possible. Once the provider receives a confirmation of payment, the purchased goods will be handed over to the delivery service by the provider or his supplier and dispatched. The user will receive a notification on his email regarding the delivery process.

The purchased goods are dispatched within two working days of the order payment date. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, no shipment of goods takes place. The provider takes care that the items are prepared and shipped within the agreed deadline but is not liable for delays by the manufacturers and service providers.

In case the user (buyer) decides in due time to cancel the order, he must immediately inform the provider by email or by telephone +386 70 253 495.

If the order has already been shipped within this time, the shipment has to be rejected by the customer. In this case, the refund is returned to the user when the provider or his supplier receives the returned goods and when the buyer submits a return receipt via the above-provided email. If the customer does not pick up the goods within the pick-up period specified by the courier after receiving the delivery note, the buyer shall be deemed to have canceled the order.

Because is a multivendor marketplace, a user’s ordered items will be shipped by various suppliers (vendors). Although the processing, shipping and delivery times may be stated in the online shop, they are for informational purposes. The true processing, shipping and delivery times can vary between vendors but are specified for each official vendor listed on this website. is not liable for any delays or incurred additional costs to the user due to a vendor’s inability to act within its general terms and condition.

Furthermore, ordered items can be shipped in multiple parcels (packages) if the ordered items are ordered from different vendors. The user will be provided with delivery information for each individual parcel sent to his delivery address by the vendor through email correspondence. If the ordered item is not in stock at the desired vendor, the same item can be sent by another vendor to the user if it meets the same specification, color, delivery time and price.

Delivery costs

Delivery costs are calculated and determined by business and shipping partners and are clearly specified to the user on the product page, cart page, and checkout.

In case you are not at the specified address at the time of delivery, you will receive a delivery notification in your mailbox. Depending on the courier this notification will include contact information and approximate time of the next delivery attempt. After a failed first delivery attempt and depending on the delivery service, the courier will try to deliver the parcel again. If the second delivery is not successful, the shipment will be returned to the sender. In this case, a user still has the right to file for a refund, but may not be refunded for the shipping and other costs associated with the failed delivery.

Delivery time

The delivery time displayed on refers to the time it takes the delivery service to deliver the shipment. Delivery time depends on the availability of stock, method, and place of delivery.

Delivery time is the sum of the time it takes to prepare the goods for shipment and the time it takes for the shipment to arrive.

Products will be delivered to the user’s address within a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 14 working days from the date of order or the date of payment. In case of any changes regarding the delivery time, the user receives an email stating the estimated delivery time of the order.

Due to the different product availability, the order can be divided into several shipments that are shipped partially or simultaneously.

Returns and Contract withdrawal

The user or the buyer (consumer within the meaning of the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act) may, within 14 days of receipt of the goods, notify the provider in writing (electronically) that he has withdrawn from the contract without giving any reason for his decision.

The user (buyer) is not entitled to withdraw from the contract for the purchase of goods that are not eligible for return for reasons of health or hygiene reasons if the buyer after the delivery has opened a seal (cosmetic products, etc.) and in other cases stipulated by the Protection Act consumers. The only cost to be borne by the consumer in connection with the withdrawal of the contract is the direct cost of returning the goods.

Right of revocation

The request for withdrawal of the contract is sent by the user (buyer) to with the caption “Online sales – cancellation”. In case of cancellation of the contract, the user (buyer) must return the received goods by post to the sender.

The return address is provided via email (sent from directly to the user as a confirmation reply to his cancellation request. If the buyer returns the received items to the sender within the termination period this is considered as a notice of termination. If the items are not shipped to the designated and correct return address specified by, the user is not eligible for a refund.

In case of a contract withdrawal, the user (buyer) must return the goods to the sender undamaged, in their original packaging, with all supporting documentation, and in unchanged quantity, unless the goods are destroyed, damaged, defective, lost or their quantity reduced without the user (customer) being accountable for said defects (manufacturer or delivery defaults). The buyer can not use the goods unhindered until the cancellation of the contract; Testing an item that deviates from the foregoing is considered to be an act of use and means that the buyer has thereby lost the right to withdraw from the contract. An invoice for returned goods, a completed return form, and personal information must also be attached to the return.

Refund costs

In some cases of returns, the cost that is borne by the buyer in connection with the cancellation of the contract is the cost of returning the items (which, if it includes a return label, is charged according to the price list of the delivery service chosen by the sender and depending on whether it is a shipment/package/cargo). The user also has the right to choose his own method of shipping. Shipments with ransom are not accepted. The buyer must return the goods to the provider no later than 14 days after sending the notice of withdrawal (purchase).

Payments shall be refunded as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after the provider (sender) receives and accepts the returned goods. In order to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the return and record of payments, the refund of the payment to the buyer is made either by a voucher or coupon code (for that specific vendor) or by refunding the purchase price to the buyer at his/her wish. The refund purchase price method of payment is, in that case, the same as the one used by the user when submitting the order. Cash payments are not possible.

Return order within promotions

When withdrawing from a contract where the customer has used a bonus, a value coupon, discount code or promotional code, these funds are counted as a discount and will not be returned to the buyer. Refunds of items that were purchased at the time of the campaign offer after the end of the advertising campaign no longer benefit. This means that the claim for potential savings is invalid. Only the paid amount is returned to the buyer’s transaction account.

Returns on orders paid with a gift coupon/voucher

In case the buyer has made the payment with a voucher, upon withdrawal from the contract, this will be considered as a means of payment and will be returned to the user in the same form as a gift voucher, and the amount paid, if any, (excess of the value of the voucher) will be returned to the buyer’s bank account.

Promotional vouchers are not redeemable in cash in case of a full or partial return of the ordered items. Furthermore, some promotional coupons are only valid for a certain period of time during the advertising campaign.

The right to a refund in the event of a warranty claim and material errors is more closely regulated by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act. The terms of claim or return of the package due to delivery defects or damaged goods are stated under section Returns.

Complaints and returns

All shipped products are inspected and shipped without damage before delivery. The products are carefully packed in a shipping box, in their original packaging, in order to reach the user (buyer) undamaged. In case the products in the delivered package do not correspond in quantity (the delivered quantity and the quantity stated on the delivery note do not match), the buyer is obliged to inform the provider via email at with the completed complaint form no later than 3 working days after receipt. Shipment with ransom is not accepted.

For all complaints and refunds, please be sure to accurately describe the error along with photographs so that we can evaluate and properly process your complaint and advise you on the next steps as soon as possible.

The provider may suspend the payment received until the goods have been returned or until the buyer has provided proof of return. Please note that the processing time varies depending on the supplier (vendor) and only takes up to 6 weeks on average. The warranty depends on the individual conditions of the manufacturer.

Incorrectly delivered goods

The user is obliged to immediately inspect the received goods upon receipt of the package. If the package sent contains the wrong goods or items that are different from the items listed on the delivery note, the buyer must notify the Provider within 3 working days after receipt, by email and attach a completed complaint form.

Based on the electronic notification with the attached complaint form, the online store replaces the product with the user (buyer) as soon as possible. Upon receipt of the first product, the user is obliged to return the defective goods by post to the provider with the enclosed printed and completed complaint form.

Physically damaged products

The user is obliged to immediately inspect the received goods upon receipt of the package. If anything in the delivered package is damaged or spilled, the user (the buyer) must notify the delivery courier responsible for the delivery and the online store immediately or no later than 3 working days after receiving the damage, by email with an enclosed completed complaint form.

Based on the relevant notice, and if the complaint is approved, will swap the product as soon as possible or return the purchase price to the user (buyer) via the same payment method as primarily used when placing the order. To receive a new product, the user (the buyer) is obliged to send the damaged or spilled goods by post with the printed and completed complaint form, and at the same time, he is obliged to participate in the record of the damaged goods unless communicated otherwise via email.

Complaint due to actual errors

Claims due to actual or hidden errors are possible when:

  • the goods do not have the characteristics necessary for their normal use or circulation
  • the goods do not have the characteristics necessary for the specific use for which the user (buyer) is buying, but which was known or should be known to the seller,
  • the goods do not have the characteristics and qualities which have been explicitly agreed upon or prescribed when the provider has delivered an item that does not match the sample or model ordered unless the sample or model was shown for notice only,
  • if the products have real damages.

The user (the buyer) must notify the provider via the email and at the same time fill in the complaint form, which gives a precise description of the error. The complaint form should also include photographs of the damages and a detailed description. The buyer must allow the provider to inspect the product. If the defect is not disputed, the provider will accept the buyer’s request as soon as possible, within 8 days at the latest. If there is a dispute about the defect, the company shall, within the same time limit, provide the buyer with a written response to the email address provided by the buyer at the time of registration. The right to exchange items or refunds due to material errors is more closely regulated by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

If the complaint is approved, the damaged or wrongly sent item will be replaced. If the same item is no longer available, a customer will receive goods of the same quality and in the same price range as the returned item. As soon as we receive a replacement from the manufacturer or supplier, we will deliver the item to you at their expense.

Should the manufacturer or supplier reject the complaint of damage to the item as a result of improper use, the item will be returned to you and will not be replaced. We will notify you as soon as possible.

The defective product must be returned to the address of the sender provided in an official email dispute response together with the attached complaint form. If possible, the provider will replace the product, otherwise it will comply with the Consumer Protection Act. The provider ( reserves the right to reject a complaint in the following cases:

  • if the uselessness of the goods is the result of the user’s misconduct
  • if there is no invoice attached
  • if the goods are not returned in their original packaging
  • if the user has used the goods indefinitely until termination of the contract.


All products presented in the online store are covered by individual manufacturer warranty. The guarantee shall take effect from the date of receipt of the goods. You can claim your warranty with a warranty card or an invoice.

In case of return of goods for which the warranty period has not expired, we will replace the product with a new one, if possible. Otherwise, if it is not possible to exchange the goods under the warranty, we will refund you the full purchase price for the product. In such a case, the buyer is obliged to return the original goods to the address of the sender together with the attached complaint form.


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