Loaded Chubby Unicorn Blood Slayer Longboard Complete

The Blood Slayer boasts rocker, wide W concave, functional wheel well flares, nose and tail kicks, and a plethora of magical technology to create an ergonomic platform for downhill destruction and freeride/freestyle fury.



The speed board longboard from Loaded. The Chubby Unicorn. Blood Slayer Edition.

This is a board ideal for freeride and downhill shredding. It has slightly upturned nose and tail for awesome tricks and launching kicker ramps. Also, be ready to rock some sick manuals. Prepare your best freestyle moves, this board was designed from the ground up to handle them like a champ. Loaded has termed this longboard a “shred stick”.

Included with this deck are features like W concave which provides support along the rails for extra shredding power. Loaded Boards has also CNC’d the rails of this longboard deck to help with grab tricks, early grabs, and railing corners. Wheel wells come above the deck platform to maximize clearance and allow you to run larger wheels and turn harder without less of a threat from the terrifying wheel bite.

This longboard deck also has recessed truck mounting points to keep your center of gravity nice and low, just the way you like it. Prepare for some longboard speedboarding like you’ve never had before folks. The symmetry of this board promises that you’ll always have a way to rip, whether switch or regular.

The Loaded Chubby Unicorn longboard also is made of composite materials which helps dissipate energy from vibrations at high speeds. Around the board itself is a super hard Orangatang urethane sidewall that will protect from abrasions and provide crispy pop. The longboard has a basswood core carefully bonded between fiberglass skins. The base of the Chubby Unicorn longboard features UHMW for increased damping, abrasion resistance, and protection against moisture.

Get ready to shred, this longboard deck is a must-have in your quiver of skateboard decks.

The Setup
Longboard deck: Blood Slayer
Trucks: Paris V2 180mm / 50°
Wheels: Orangatang 73mm Cage (83a, purple)
Extras: Sunrise V2 Bearings Abec 7, Bolzen Hardware
Longboard complete – Fully assembled

Additional information

Additional information


Deck shape


Truck mounting

Top mount

Deck length

42.3" / 107.3 cm

Deck width

24.76 cm


71.75 cm


W concave







Sidewall protection


Truck type


Truck angle


Hanger width


Wheel diameter

73 mm



Best for

Downhill, Freeride, Freestyle

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