Loaded Kanthaka Bamboo Longboard Complete

The Loaded Kanthaka employs a rocker, wheel wells, and composite bamboo construction to blur the lines between street skating and longboard freeriding.



Enhancing contemporary skateboard design, the Loaded Kanthaka employs rocker, functional and ergonomic wheel wells, and composite construction to blur the lines between street skating and longboard freeriding.

HYBRID SKATEBOARD – The Loaded Kanthaka is a high-performance longboard that blurs the lines between freeriding, freestyle, and street skating.

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – Beefy nose and tail kicks feature subtle dished concave and provide excellent maneuverability and leverage for slides. The symmetrical shape encourages switch riding and street/freestyle tricks. Rockered profile and mild radial concave ensure a comfortable and secure stance. Flared wheel wells increase wheel clearance and create ergonomic transitions for your feet perfect for sliding. Available in two widths.

LIGHT AND DURABLE – Snowboard-inspired bamboo and fiberglass construction is lightweight and durable with snappy pop. Nose and tail are reinforced with carbon fiber for added strength and abrasion resistance.

PARIS TRUCKS – 149mm Paris Street trucks deliver smooth, responsive, and controlled turning that’s perfect for freeriding, freestyle, and all-around riding.

ORANGATANG WHEELS – Orangatang 62mm, 80a Skiffs provide a lightweight balance of grip and slide for freeriding, freestyle, and all-around riding. Includes Loaded Jehu V2 bearings.

Loaded Boards Kanthaka Bamboo deck
Orangatang Skiff 62mm/80a Wheels
Paris 149mm Street Trucks

Additional information

Additional information


Deck length

36" / 91.44 cm

Deck width

8.625 or 8.875” / 21.9 or 22.5 cm


17.5” / 44.45 cm

Truck mounting

Top mount

Hanger width

149 mm

Wheel diameter

62 mm



Best for

Commute, Cruising

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